Hi, I'm Gina

"I  remodel luxury homes and investment properties for busy professionals seeking ROI and a PURE one of a kind masterpiece."

My company specializes in Kitchens


Primary Suites!

PURE is also a cabinet dealership. Visit our boutique showroom where we provide cabinetry and countertops to clients and the trade.

How would you feel if the improvements you make to your home will create value and give you more freedom and the peace to fulfill your dreams?

You work hard and your time is valuable.


I will bring my expert design skills to your renovation project, work toward creating the ROI you expect, and free up your time to spend on your passions.


Just as all of your business decisions are thought out, the decisions you make in your home are just as instrumental to improving your finances and your life!

Enjoy your home now...Your renovation starts with us!


Hi, I'm Gina

Interior Design
Simplified Client Focused

"I help professionals Design and Renovate their homes so they can be at PEACE, enjoy TIME with their family, and ENTERTAIN friends all while working toward that goal of creating VALUE"

Our EASY process will get you

Time in your hands to keep living your life

A systematic easy process - we've got your back!

A one of a kind masterpiece to enjoy and live!

You shouldn't need to wait until you sell to improve your home.

I have been there myself and so have many of my clients!


I recently remodeled a home where my clients spent $50,000- just before they sold it! They could have enjoyed the upgrades but remodeled it for someone else to enjoy.


Maybe you have been in the same boat. I work with clients everyday who want to upgrade their home yet don't know how to tackle it to create that ROI.


Don't wait until it is too late to enjoy it. Take action and schedule a complimentary discovery call!

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Disclosure: While the projects performed by PURE Design & Remodel can lead to an increase in the value of your property, we cannot guarantee any specific results. Market conditions and other factors will affect the ultimate effect on the value of your property. The homeowner acknowledges that he/she has not relied on any assertions as to the effect on the value of their property in engaging the company to perform this work.





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