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Bohemian Influenced Interior Design

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Bohemian style is one with a long and interesting history behind it. A style that became

popularized in the 1960s, it gained the attention of those who chose to follow

unconventional paths and defy the cultural norms set in place. The free-thinking spirit of

these creatives were showcased in their fashion sense, which was inspired by the Romani

community in France, called bohemians at the time. Denoted by mixed and layered fabrics

and free flowing designs, bohemian style, also known as boho-chic, eventually evolved from

fashion into an interior style as the freedom of individual expression appealed to many. If

you’re interested in creating a bohemian style home, here are some of the key features to

incorporate to create a boho-chic interior that’s true to you:

1. Patterns:

One of the most defining features of bohemian style is its liberal use of patterns.

Patterned fabrics and furniture intermingle in bohemian interiors, with patterned

rugs, curtains, and even upholstery being used. Pattern mixing in the style doesn’t

follow any rules, allowing for creative freedom in mixing patterns and textures as

you see fit. However, if in doubt, you can opt for one or two bold patterns with the

rest being more muted. You can also never go wrong with mixing solids and

patterns, especially those in the same color families.

2. Colors:

Colors used in the boho-chic style are mostly natural and earthy. Shades of reds,

browns and yellows dominate, with copper, bronze and gold finishes on metallics.

Bold reds and yellows are often seen mixed with blues and greens as well. An easy

way to lend a bohemian feel to even a minimalist space is to add throws and

cushions in these colors and patterns to the room.

3. Layers:

Layering is yet another key characteristic of the style. Layered fabrics can be spotted

in most bohemian interiors and fashion. Introduce layering with cushions or rugs,

mixing in various patterns. You can also mix patterns with textured solids to create a

subtler layering. Use a predefined color palette for a more controlled approach to


4. Vintage:

If you love vintage items, you’re in luck, as bohemian style interiors are the perfect

place for vintage and antique items. Second hand furniture and pieces passed down

from generations can be sure to find a place here. Distressed furniture is also a great

addition to this style. If you have any unique items or pieces with a story, be sure to

bring it out. This is also a great opportunity to check out vintage fairs and markets

near you.

5. Natural:

All things natural are well loved in this style. Furniture in wood, wicker and rattan are

widely used, as are fabrics like linen, cotton, wool and velvet. Comfort is an essential

part of this style, and fabrics and materials are often chosen for their ability to create

a comfortable and cozy space. Handmade items are favored here, so head up to local

artisans and craftspersons to find pieces you love. Artisan items show a more

personalized style, while also adding to the uniqueness of the decor.

6. Plants:

Plants are the perfect addition to a boho style room and bring pops of green into the

design. Plants also bring in natural patterns and textures into the space, pairing well

with the theme. Bring in multiples to create a layered effect or add just one as the

main focus. Look into patterned and textured pots and holders for the plants like

macramé holders and traditional woven baskets.

7. Accessories:

Do not forget to accessorize when creating a bohemian room. Bohemian style is

anything but minimal, so add in all that appeals to you. Tapestries, artworks and

curios go well in this style. If you are a traveler, display elements from your journeys.

When accessorizing, try to hand pick as many items that hold meaning to you and

avoid mass produced items.

A boho-chic interior is never the same for two homes, as each one is defined by the style

and personality of the inhabitant. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a boho

interior, but simply a few defining characteristics. So, use the features as an outline and fill

in with what relates best to you. Aim to create a cozy space filled with items that have

personal significance and bring you joy and create a home that’s an extension of yourself.

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