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Scandinavian Farmhouse Inspired Design Idea's

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Scandinavian Farmhouse style is a design style where the minimalist and functional

aesthetic of the Scandinavian style meets the rustic and charming feel of the American

Farmhouse style. Large homes with wooden beams and light wooden flooring, white and

brick walls, simple wooden and metallic furniture, natural and earthy materials and a

modern minimal appearance are characteristic of this style. The style creates designs that

are comfortable, inviting and elegant

1. Functionality:

As with the scandinavian style, the scandinavian farmhouse style designs are also

dictated by functionality. Objects used in this design style are chosen based on their

function. As the farmhouse style also shuns fragile items in favour of the tough,

these characteristics still continue on in the scandinavian farmhouse style. Strong

furniture pieces, easy accessibility and ample space are all factors that influence the

choice of the items in this style.

2. Colors:

The colors used in this style are mostly neutral, light and pastel shades. A few pieces

will occasionally use a bright natural color in these interiors. The balance of the soft

colors with the occasional bold color brings in a soft yet vibrant feel to the interiors.

Furniture in dark browns or a cushion in deep red brings more intensity to an

otherwise delicate look. The love for wooden textures in this style also brings in

color, with varying shades of wood seen around scandinavian farmhouse homes.

3. Patterns:

Patterns in scandinavian farmhouse take after those in scandinavian style and

consist of mostly geometrical and abstract designs. Simple patterns and motifs from

across the world can be seen in the rugs, cushions and planters used in this design

style. It’s not uncommon to see a morrocan rug or an ikat patterned throw in a

scandinavian farmhouse style home.

4. Materials:

Both farmhouse and scandinavian style share a love for natural materials, which is

also seen in this style. Brick walls, wooden furniture and flooring, wicker baskets,

rattan chairs, and cotton, chenille and woolen textiles bring in a warm feel to the

homes while also adding natural textures and dimension to the design. The use of

natural materials and textures is seen as a way to bring nature indoors and provide

comfort in this style.

5. Furniture:

Furniture pieces chosen in this style can follow the thin, minimalist forms of

scandinavian furniture or the heavy, sturdy style of farmhouse style pieces. Rooms

designed in the scandinavian farmhouse style use a mix of both styles of furniture to

create a visual balance. Large dining tables can be combined with thinner wooden

seating and patterned rugs, while antique or distressed sofas can be combined with

plush armchairs with tapered wooden legs or a metallic coffee table.

6. Lighting:

Scandinavian farmhouse homes are light filled and focus on maximizing natural

lighting available to create the feeling of large open spaces. The lighting fixtures

used here follow various styles. Bamboo or wicker pendants are often used,

especially in dining areas, while glass and metallic lighting are often hung over

kitchen islands. Wooden and metallic floor lamps and wall sconces are mostly used

in the living areas, bedrooms and any other areas.

7. Finishes:

As the materials used here are mainly natural like wood and wicker, they are mostly

left unfinished, with basic sealing and polishing done to ensure safety and

emphasize the natural look. Wooden furniture may also be stained to give a darker

shade while still bringing out the wooden grains. Paints are used to achieve the

pastel and muted colors used in this theme, as well as to give some pieces a

distressed finish. Painted metals are used here, as are metals with matte or brushed

finishes. Glossy finishes are avoided in this look, other than on occasional kitchen


8. Decor:

Scandinavian Farmhouse decor makes use of items like artwork in simple frames,

decorative wall baskets and vases, and rustic candleholders. The most important

decor item however, are plants. From large tropical varieties like birds of paradise to

smaller herbs, a large variety of houseplants are used as decor in this style. Neutral

colored pots on stands and wicker baskets to hold pots are most commonly used for

larger plants here, while smaller plants and herbs use more decorative pots and

wooden planters. Cut flowers are also often displayed on tables and cabinets. Plants

are used as a way to bring more warmth and color into the home here.

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