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Design Strategy Package 

Here's what this package includes:


You will receive an email with an overview of our simplified process to get your "Foundation Finish Selections/Your List of Top Decisions" determined for your project. A link to our company Pinterest Board will be provided so you can share your inspiration images as well as upload any plans or drawings you may have for our review, prior to our first call. A link to our schedule will be provided to schedule your sessions with us.


We will meet for a 30 minute phone call to review your project details so we can prepare for your main session which will include:

  • Review of your inspiration boards and/or drawings.

  • Discussion regarding your goals for the session.


We typically tackle your TOP "Foundation Finish Selections" (such as Built-ins, Cabinetry, Countertops, Furniture, Flooring and Tile) in the main session and touch on additional selections if we have time. This package is customized to your needs and the information you provide on this call will determine our main session goals.



We meet for your main session - 2 hours Virtual or In-person

  • Collaborate and review samples (i.e., your samples, showroom samples, builder samples, and our samples).

  • A direct conduit (no pun intended - lol!) to our designers experience and knowledge! We include resources too!

  • Get your top key foundation selections determined and any remaining selections we have time to tackle.

  • This meeting will occur on a virtual call or in person at the location best suitable for your project goals.


Please note: we are here to give you all of our expertise and knowledge and help you finalize your top selections. This package is for those seeking professional guidance to execute their top design decisions within the framework of our package offering. Our goal is to get your "Top Key Decisions" made and any remaining selections we have time to tackle.

The strategy package does NOT include drawings or follow-up. We have a Full Kitchen/Room Design Package where we take care of of these details for your project. Click on our Full Kitchen/Room Design Package on our Services page to learn more and purchase.  


To connect with us regarding PURE's Custom Full-Service Package please contact us.  

While the projects performed by PURE Design & Remodel can lead to an increase in the value of your property, we cannot guarantee any specific results. Market conditions and other factors will affect the ultimate effect on the value of your property. The homeowner acknowledges that he/she has not relied on any assertions as to the effect on the value of their property in engaging the company to perform this work.

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